* especially customer-friendly

Customer service: Holistic approach and reliable support

Our technical support assembly operators are at your disposal even during the initial setup. We start the plant and train your employees in the operation of the system; and afterwards, our reliable after-sales service is at your disposal.

Thanks to remote diagnosis we are capable of acting quickly, just in case something goes wrong. For example, we are able to quickly employ standardised components, which are ready to use on-site within a short time when needed.

Customer service


Our services in the field of customer services:

  • Support during initial setup
  • Starting the plant
  • Employer training
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Quick employment of standardised components
* especially good reasons

Why are we your right contact in the field of special purpose machine design?

  • Quick and flexible working method
  • Great expert knowledge and decades of experience
  • In-house design and manufacture
  • Global projects

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