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Industry sectors: Various technologies for special requirements

State-of-the-art-technologies and tested processes, decades of experience and the motivation to find the best possible solution: Greidenweis has the optimum prerequisites to provide you with optimum solutions and processes. Below please find an overview of the most important technologies for the automotive industry and further industrial sectors.

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Automotive: Technologies for interior manufacturing

Our long-standing experience in the automotive industry makes us a leading supplier. Greidenweis offers production plants for interior parts from the gear knob up to the information panel. We have the competence to make use of a variety of technologies for our customers in an optimum way.

Greidenweis laminating plants

Greidenweis offers laminating plants and tools, from simple laminating plants up to complex laminating tools including integrated punching and cutting operations.

  • Flame treatment
    We use this method especially for the surface treatment of plastics. We use robot cells as a stand-alone solution for flame treatment and integrate the process into glue application cells.

  • Glue application plants
    “One face to customer”: as system integrators we provide complete application systems for hot melt application. And a competent contact person, too. We rely on our long-standing expertise and our own components, from smelter to application head. Integrating third-party providers is also part of our range of services.

  • Punch units
    We offer punching equipment with matrix-patrix technology as blade trimming for plastic parts. The focus here is on the integration in further automation elements.

  • Anti-squeak equipment
    Greidenweis is equipped with anti-squeaking applications and the relating drying and automation features.

  • Mounting devices
    We integrate rotary table machines, linear transfer machines and robot solutions for machining operations such as screw-tightening, riveting, clipping, gluing, pressing and many more in our mounting devices. Process monitoring, process documentation and the connection with production systems are part of the standard at Greidenweis.

  • Robot application
    Greidenweis has the competence to integrate robots from various providers. This is true for individual plants and the integration of production lines with interlinked processes. Among the robot-supported applications are handling and palletising, drilling and milling, mounting, clipping, riveting, clinching and gluing.

  • Pre-fixing devices
    A very special strength at Greidenweis is the competence for refined surfaces such as leather, synthetic leather and fabric lamination. Our services comprise the complete process chain.


Greidenweis edge wrapping machines

Edge wrapping machines for all interior parts, from the car roof via pillars up to door panels and inserts are part of our portfolio.

  • Edge wrapping machines and tools
  • Edge wrapping machines with integrated glue application
  • Edge wrapping without adhesives for moulded parts


Greidenweis gluing and bonding plants

Greidenweis provides plants for the gluing and bonding process steps in various degrees of automation for gluing of retainers, mounting attachment parts, mounting clips and hot riveting. This is how we provide you with plant, robot, gluing and feeding technologies – all from one supplier, which is a clear advantage for your production process.


Greidenweis technology centre

We at Greidenweis have our own technology centre for laminating and gluing tests. Therefore, we are able to perform the following tasks in-house:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Laminating tests
  • Choice of adhesives
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-series production

Thus, Greidenweis can provide the complete process for the benefit of our customers:

  • Flame treatment
  • Corona treatment
  • Glue application hot melt (rolling and spraying, also robot-operated)
  • Adhesive application by dispersion (spraying)
  • Laminating (with hydraulic laminating press)
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Greidenweis plants produce for the following brands:

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Industry in general: customer-specific production plants and installation

Greidenweis is the expert for special purpose machinery. We also use our expertise for the benefit of our customers beyond the automotive sector. We are familiar with the requirements of the woodworking industry, the metal and plastic processing industry and the electrical industry.

As a full-service special purpose machinery manufacturer our portfolio comprises customer-specific fixtures, machines, plants and production lines, which we develop and manufacture for a variety of industries. Greidenweis is your partner for the manufacture of pianos and tennis rackets, cables and electronic switches. Your automation project is in the best hands with us.