* especially sophisticated

Optimum connection: laminating with consistently high quality

Consistent, high quality through automation: When laminating in the automotive interior sector, it is important to create a composite of two or more materials by using adhesives. Here, Greidenweis sets standards in terms of system design, automated processes and material efficiency while maintaining the highest surface quality.

With many years of experience and innovative developments, Greidenweis has specialised in laminating automotive interior parts. Whether fabrics, leather or synthetic leather, Greidenweis equipment and processes are optimally tailored to interior parts for the special requirements of the automotive industry.

Our flexible and sophisticated approach allows us to optimally realise your requirements. One of Greidenweis' particular strengths is our specialisation in the processes of press laminating and edgefolding. For laminating, we can use both hot melt and dispersion adhesives.

Depending on the adhesive used, we activate it during lamination using infrared heaters or warm tools. If required, we also use VarioTherm or DuoTherm processes.

We can design the production process very efficiently by parallelising several processes. This means that the workpiece does not have to be removed and reintroduced. The integrated edgefolding also contributes to time- and cost-saving production.

Greidenweis enables processes with different degrees of automation in process chaining, for example with assembly and punching processes. We would be happy to discuss with you the particularly sophisticated and individual implementation of your requirements in the area of laminating.