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Retrofit as an interesting option for existing plants

In many cases, the question arises in production whether proven machines and systems should be replaced by new ones. Important factors such as production reliability, consistent quality, energy efficiency, material efficiency and the amount of the investment play a major role. The replacement of mechanical and electrical components, the addition of sensors and actuators and the connection to modern communication technology make your production plant fit again.

Depending on the area of application, a retrofit solution can bring amazing success. Apart from the lower investment costs compared to a new acquisition, such solutions also offer the advantage that the employees do not have to be completely retrained for the requirements of a new system.

Greidenweis has the necessary know-how and competence to individually address your production requirements and to decide whether a retrofit is advantageous for your machines and plants. Talk to us about the numerous possibilities and various options in the field of retrofitting.

Our services and your advantages in the field of retrofitting:

  • Modernisation and retrofitting of existing systems
  • Lower investment costs
  • Production reliability
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Why are we your right contact in the field of special purpose machine design?

  • Quick and flexible working method
  • Great expert knowledge and decades of experience
  • In-house design and manufacture
  • Global projects

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